Eagle Force Returns Action Figures

Created by Bill Murphy

The 1980s military toy line Eagle Force returns as a modern articulated line of 4" action figures.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Eagle Force play sets coming along and test shot figure revealed.
9 months ago – Sun, Sep 30, 2018 at 05:49:16 PM

Hey Everyone!

Quick update for end of September early October.


Joe Harris is plugging away on the Eagle Force play sets. Here are a couple of images. The plan is to ship the play set and the gliders toward the end of the year.


The factory will be working on the paint samples over the next couple months but like I mentioned in the last update they are planning on producing a limited number test shot figures, they will look something like this....a black R.I.O.T. Commando

No paint, but I did get them to agree on using 1 color when they run them. When I get them in hand mid November (I hope)  I'll take some pics and make them available on the website. These will be limited but if there is a demand we'll have them make some more. This way we can get some figures out there so folks can see the quality they can expect once we deliver the final figures. 

Thanks everyone! 


The factory is starting their paint masters..
9 months ago – Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 01:08:50 AM

Quick September Update

Hey Everyone,

The factory has started setting up the paint samples along with the tampos.

They tell me we should have most of them for Designer Con in November. They also mentioned that they will have some production samples available soon. These would be single color figures that happen to be whatever color plastic the factory has in the machines that day. My thought is to sell them to Kickstarter backers 1st (limited 1 per order) then any left overs will be available at the show.  I'll plan on selling them for $30 each and if there is a demand for more we can ask the factory to make some for us next year.  I'll post them for sale once they are in hand, which I'm guessing will be in late October. In no way are these exclusive, I just thought this would be a good way to get a few figures in peoples hands before we deliver. What do you think? Please feel free to comment below. 

On that note, now that they have the paint masters the factory is telling me delivery should be happening in Q1 next year. I wish it was gonna be sooner but there are over 30 figures to produce which comes down to around 20,000 units. This is the latest info I have, as things continue to move ahead I'll be updating with more info.



Images of Eagle Force Returns Final Paint Masters...I hope you like photos!
10 months ago – Sat, Aug 18, 2018 at 11:15:32 PM

Hey Everyone!

Here are some better images of the final paint masters. HUGE thanks to Jason Bienvenu.

These are missing the final tampos and logos. Please be aware some of the parts are not fully assembled because of the paint thickness and a few parts are incorrect. These issues will be adjusted at the factory before final production.

These are off to factory next week so they can get working on the paint samples.  Once those are approved we'll move forward with production. 

Expected delivery date is closer to the end of the year. We'll keep posting image as we move forward with production. 

Thanks again for all your support! I'm looking forward to building an awesome diorama as soon as these are done! 


More Joe Con pics and Eagle Force goes to WAR!
11 months ago – Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 07:35:37 PM

Hey Everyone!

Wanted to share a few more images from Joe Con of the Eagle Force paint masters. Thanks again to Chicken Fried Toys for displaying these at the show.

Jason Bienvenu from Spero Studios is doing some final touch ups and they’ll head to the factory the 1st week in August so they factory can begin working on paint samples.

Speaking of Spero, their Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Deluxe Action Figure Kickstarter has only 12 hrs left, so please go check out their Kickstarter. 

We’ll be partnering with Spero on to use this Deluxe body on a few Eagle Force figures, so please throw them some support if you can.

Also on the Kickstarter front Chris Irving from The Drawing Word has launched the Eagle Force WAR card game. 

This card and die game lets you pit any two characters from the Eagle Force Universe against one another. A roll of the die tells if it's a battle of brains, brawn, firepower, combat, agility--or a combination.

Not only is WAR a one-on-one card game, but it's also a power gauge of the Eagle Force characters. Pledge for a pack of Classic or Returns and, as we whittle away at stretch goals, Monster Force and Heroes vs Villains characters.

Thanks again for all the support everyone! I know this has been a long process but I know you’ll love the figures once they get in your hands.


Images from Joe Con and only 3 day left for The Official Eagle Force Handbook Kickstarter
12 months ago – Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 11:48:30 PM

Joe Con

Hey Everyone! 

Here are some image of Eagle Force at JoeCon thanks to awesome Eagle Force Returns writer Justin Bell from GeneralsJoes.

We had a couple of new figures to show off such as Agent Grimm and Monster Force Delta Red Trooper. These will be available along with a few other figures in 2019 as a non Kickstarter wave. 

These figures will go back to Jason Bienvenu for a few minor touch ups, then off to the factory they go so they can begin the paint samples on their end. 


Only 3 days left to get in on The Official Eagle Force Handbook Kickstarter. We have a few great exclusives like this cover by original Eagle Force designer Paul Kirchner and a few mystery rewards that I'm sure you'll love. 

Head on over to the Kickstarter and give it a look. 

Thanks again everyone, we'll get some better images of the figures before they go to the factory.


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