Eagle Force Returns Action Figures

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Eagle Force Returns Action Figures
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Packaging images ...quick update
14 days ago – Sun, Feb 04, 2018 at 10:58:59 PM

I wanted to share a quick update of the packaging for the 1st assortment of Eagle Force by Steven Butler Studios and design by Jason Bienvenu. 

I hope to have revised tooling images to show in the next couple of weeks. 

Don't forget that Jason's Animal Warriors of the Kingdom figures are still available for pre-order for 2 more weeks, head over a pick up a set. 


Quick scale update
2 months ago – Sat, Dec 16, 2017 at 11:51:55 PM

We're working to adjust the scale and redo our tooling. Here is a height pic with a Boss Fight H.A.C.K.S. figure so you can see where we are targeting.

 You won't be hearing much from us through the holidays, so we wanted to wish you all the best wishes and Happy Holidays. We're looking forwards to getting Eagle Force out to you in 2018...We'll leave you with an prototype image of General Brown from Eagle Force series 2. 


Bill & Craig 

We are going to proceed with redoing the tooling..
3 months ago – Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 10:49:39 PM

Hey Everyone,

Based on the overwhelming response from the last update, we are going to spend the time to retool figures to adjust the scale. As we mentioned this will delay the fulfillment a few months. I think everyone will be pleased with the final outcome. Thanks again for taking the time to leave the feedback. 

I did want to answer some questions from a few backers..

Q: I'm worried about the "diaper crotch". Can these guys put their legs completely forward? Can they sit down with their legs straight?
A: Yes,the figure can put their legs completely forward, I'm however in my mid 40s and are not a flexible as I once was, so I do suffer from "diaper crotch.

Q: What about the playsets delivery schedule?
A: The play sets are still on track, but will ship when the figures ship. Here are some in progress images D&J toys sent our way.





Q: "Redo the tooling"?!! The whole figure or just those parts you mention? Are you lengthening the torso? Legs? arms? In any case, that's no inexpensive undertaking. How are you paying for that?
A: Yes, the whole figure. We are paying for it ourselves. We also understand they the delay makes all of us sad…so although we can’t fold time, we are going to send along an additional freebie to backers when the orders ship.

Q: And one last favor to ask. Is it possible to post a picture of the EF posters with a prototype or other figure standing in front of it just to get an idea of the scale look for using it as a background display?
A: I’ll try to do that. I will say the posters are 18x24 so it’s very large next to the figures.

Q: Also, would you consider re-opening pre-orders if everything gets re-tooled?
A: Yes, we are going to open up pre-oders again so folks can add figures if they would like.

Q:How much would the change effect EF Wave 2, Amazing Heroes, and Larry Hama in terms of initial KS offering and/or the delivery time line?
A: We will not launch any additional waves of EF until orders are shipped. This does effect the Larry Figure, so we’ll be updating that campaign as well. I have licensing agreements in place for Amazing Heroes, so that changes things a bit as far as scheduling.

Q: Also, the ankles are plain ugly. I can wait for the retooling if it means a better overall product.
A: We are removing the ball from the ankle on the boots as we are re-doing the tooling. We’ll still have rocker ankles.

Q: I'm really enjoying all the new characters you've added to your universe. Is the ninja lady's name Keiko Savitar? Or is the guy to her right another version of Savitar?
 A: Keiko Savitar is the daughter of Savitar, the ninja from the 80’s line who is now in his 80s, has lost an eye, walks with a cane and has a pet koala.

Q: When is the digital handbooks coming out?
A: Soon we are almost done. I just need to write the front inside cover and fix a couple of the bios.

Thanks again everyone and keep those questions coming.
Should I do an Kickstarter live? I’m not great in front of the camera, but I’d be happy to do it if folks want it. Let me know. 


Designer Con update…and we need your feedback, so please comment below.
3 months ago – Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 12:08:44 AM

Hey Eagle Force Team

We just got back from Designer Con in Los Angeles. It’s an amazing show! If are in the LA area next November please check it out. 

We revealed a few characters for Eagle Force Wave 2…Wave 2 will include characters from Eagle Force, Heroes vs Villains and Monster Force. Agent Vess and General Mamba were big hits at the show. Agent Vess might have something to do with a familiar 80's line we’re going to reboot in 2019.

We also showed our concepts for Eagle Force: Ninja Force. This is not a 100% all out ninja line but more my tribute to 80’s action movies. That said Hasbro has given us a few ninjas over the years, so I want to know if folks are interested in something like this before we move ahead into sculpting some figures. For those Savitar fans, you’ll be happy.

We also got to show folks our tooling samples for Eagle Force Wave 1 displayed on the R.I.O.T. hideout by D&J Toys

In non Eagle Force news we showed some image of our relaunch of Amazing Heroes, our 1/18th super heroes line, along with a few prototypes.

Here are some images from the show.






Here is the part in the update where I need your feedback.

As some of you know Zica/Remco toys, who is partnering with us on Eagle Force, canceled their Adventure People line. As we are sharing this tooling for Eagle Force, Craig at Zica/Remco was kind enough not to go into specific details with his messaging. So naturally folks are asking “Why did he cancel?” Well, as we feel transparency is key with Kickstarter, we felt we should let you know. It was primarily about scale. Although still very much 1/18th, the Eagle Force figures are a bit shorter than other popular figures in the market, as you can see by these images.


There were also a few minor imperfections in the tooling, like the shoulders are a tad rounded and after many months the ankle ball never really looked the way we intended. Craig was not willing to compromise on these points, so he decided to cancel the Adventure People and offer refunds out of his own pocket. I was willing to go with the current scale and deal with these minor issues in order to stay on target for our original delivery in late March.

After a long discussion with Craig and getting some feedback at Designer Con from fans, we decided this is not really up to us. It’s up to YOU…the community that came together to bring Eagle Force back to life.

We have the opportunity to redo the tooling, fix the scale and adjust some minor issues, but this will push us 3-4 months behind schedule and we won’t deliver till summer 2018. It’s important to keep in mind that this tooling will be used in future lines as well, see above, so it does have a broad and lasting impact. If we do retool, Craig is considering reversing his thinking and moving ahead with Captain Action, so there is that as well. We would prefer to redo the tooling and adjust the scale, but we wanted to get as much feedback as we could so we can make the best informed decision.

Like all Kickstarters, this is process, so we hope everyone understands that although we’re not Hasbro or Mattel, we are committed to making the best toys possible. we'll be posting this on Facebook but please share your comments below, as this is really a question for the backers.

Thanks everyone!

Tooling and Packaging Designer Con info.
4 months ago – Sat, Nov 04, 2017 at 09:40:59 PM

Hey Everyone...

Sorry about the delay in updates. We've been finalizing the tooling of the figures with the factory. Here are some images. Unfortunately the pastic the factory used if very light so they are hard to photograph. 







A couple of small fixes left to do, but we're going to move on to the painted sample phase of production. I hope to have some images of the paint figures by December. 

The Kickstarter assortment of figures will be broken up in waves of 8. Here is the art for wave 1.

We'll be at Designer Con in Pasadena ,CA on Nov 11-12. Please stop by the booth, we'll have the Eagle Force and Larry Hama prototypes at the show, along with some reveals for Wave 2 of Eagle Force, which will include character from Eagle Force, Monster Force and Heroes vs Villains.  We'll also have the 18x24 Eagle Force island poster..both the "Standard Edition" and the limited edition "Attack on Eagle Island" poster for sale. 

These will be available on our website after the show. Plus we'll have a few sets of The Drawn Word's Eagle Force Trading Cards if you missed on their Kickstarter.