Eagle Force Returns Action Figures

Created by Bill Murphy

The 1980s military toy line Eagle Force returns as a modern articulated line of 4" action figures.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Eagle Force Handbook..free to ALL IN Backers and more Character Bios
almost 3 years ago – Mon, Oct 03, 2016 at 09:31:25 PM

Hey everyone!

We've added a new Reward, the Eagle Force Handbook

This comic book will be available digitally and include a new Eagle Force story with art/cover by the talented Steven Butler, reprints of some of the original Eagle Force comics, the Eagle Force Issue Zero comic strip,  as well as expanded character bios by the prolific Justin Bell. This comic book is available as a Reward/Add On and will be added on for free to all ALL IN Rewards. 

We're only 6k away from unlocking our next stretch goal, a figure of the modern Zapper the Electronics Expert. Here is his Character Bio...

Plus a few other Character Bios


Thanks again for all the support everyone, we know that there are lots of toy buying options these day, and we appreciate you putting your support towards bringing back Eagle Force. Thanks for taking the journey with us, they'll be more surprises along the way and we're looking forward to producing a line of amazing Eagle Force figures for years to come. 

Bill and Craig

Who is that mystery figure in the ALL IN Reward?
almost 3 years ago – Sun, Oct 02, 2016 at 11:03:31 PM

We're 9 days away from closing out the Kickstarter...many folks have been wondering who will be the mystery figure included in the ALL IN Rewards. As I mentioned in a previous update, this mystery figure will be one of the following: a) An extra Army Builder b) A new Army Builder Repaint or c) A new Modern Character.

Well if we can reach 900+ backers in the next 9 days, I'm here to tell you it'll be a new modern character. Here is the 1st look at Santini the Acrobat. 

Santini will be our 1st character that is based on one of Paul Kirchner's proposed designs for Wave 2 of the original 1982 Eagle Force line. Salvador Santini VI is from a long line of acrobats. His great grandfather was one of the original members of Eagle Force in World War II (yes WWII, didn't know Eagle Force went back that far did you). The Santini figure will only be available on Kickstarter. 

You might be thinking...dang Bill 900+ backers, that's a lot, how we gonna do that? We'll if every one of our current backers reached out personally to 1 friend and got them to back this Kickstarter we'd almost reach 900 backers. Believe it or not, many Kickstarter campaigns double their backer numbers in the last week, for example:

Boss Fight Studio's Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Action Figures: 1,198 Backers
Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series - Ninja Action Figures: 1,241 Backers
Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures: 1,195 Backers

So, if you're interested in seeing the Santini tradition grow, please reach out to a friend today and say "Hey do you like action figures? Let me tell you about an awesome Kickstarter" 

Thanks again for all the support everyone.

Bill & Craig

Contest Details, New Personal Recruit Reward, Profile Badges and Free Diorama Downloads
almost 3 years ago – Sun, Oct 02, 2016 at 01:02:42 AM

Eagle Forcers!

As we mentioned last update we have 2 contests that are running now through the end of the campaign. Here are all the details. 

Win a R.I.O.T. Hideout Contest

D&J Toys will make 3 special custom R.I.O.T. Hideout playsets. See concept images. 



So I'm sure you are asking, "Dang Bill these are awesome how can I win one?"  Well, for every $100 you pledge we'll create a raffle ticket in your name. Example $100 = 1 Ticket,  $800 = 8 Tickets. So the more you pledge the higher your chances of winning one will be. Once the Kickstarter is over we'll draw 3 tickets and 3 lucky backers will win one of these fantastic R.I.O.T. Hideouts. 

Eagle Force Aquatic Assault Boat Contest.

We have also created 3 Eagle Force Aquatic Assault Boats, deco'd with over 25 custom Eagle Force stickers. 

If you back over $20 you'll eligible to win one of these awesome boats. When the Kickstarter is over we'll draw 3 names and 3 lucky backers will win one of these Eagle Force Aquatic Assault Boats. 

New Reward - Personal Recruit: Become part of Eagle Force or R.I.O.T.

Do you want to join the forces of Eagle Force or R.I.O.T.? We'll now is your chance. We have created a new Reward called - Personal Recruit for $1,000.00. If you Pledge/Add On this reward we'll sculpt your portrait in a size and style compatible with all Eagle Force figures. 

You'll receive a custom painted head of your likeness on ANY Eagle Force/ R.I.O.T. figure you choose along with a file card written by Justin Bell with original art of your likeness by Steven Butler. 

Please be aware this reward will require you to supply digital photographs and you will be allowed one set of revisions to finalize the sculpt.

Digital Downloads

The fine folks at Living the Adventure Dios have created some awesome custom dio pieces that you can print out yourself to create great diorama pieces. 

Look for those at the bottom of this update. Or you can download this .zip file with all the images so you can create this awesome diorama. 

Eagle Force Profile Badges

Show your support for the Kickstarter by using on of these Eagle Force Profile Badges during the last 10 days of the campaign. You can find more on Facebook Here


Thanks for the support everyone. We have 10 days left to get to our stretch goals so please keep sharing the Kickstarter. There are plenty more updates to go so keep checking back as we get closer to finishing the campaign!


Bill and Craig


Diorama Print Outs













The Grimm Reapers are UNLOCKED...and a few details about an upcoming contest.
almost 3 years ago – Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 04:28:12 PM

Eagle Forcers!!!

We have unlocked the Grimm Reapers early!!! They are now part of the ALL IN Rewards and available as both an ADD ON and an Army Builder 4 pack! So pledge now and help us get to our next stretch goal . . Zapper, the electronics expert. We have less then 2 weeks left to unlock more awesome figures.

Also, we have a contest planned for a R.I.O.T. Hideout playset!  Check out the concept images below!


Look for contest details soon. 


Bill and Craig

Eagle Force the Animated Series...A look ahead Part 2
almost 3 years ago – Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 09:47:49 AM

Hey Eagle Forcers!!!

Here is an early look at the development we're doing for a proposed Eagle Force Animated Series set in the 80's. We're going for the same style and feel of the old G.I. Joe cartoon, but expect the tone to be geared toward a more adult audience like Archer or Venture Bros.